Fusion For Energy

F4E awards ALSYMEX a contract for manufacturing of the tooling of powerful ITER Magnets

ELYTT ENERGY, ALSYMEX (ALSYOM and SEIV) to supply tooling for the Poloidal Field coil magnets.

ALSYOM designs and builds large-scale high-precision mechanical and opto-mechanical systems potentially subject to high constraints in terms of vacuum and cleanness, and also integrates these systems on customer sites.

Drawing on extensive experience acquired in the CEA Laser MegaJoule Program, ALSYOM capitalizes on its unique know-how and industrial capability in the field of major research, defence & security and aerospace infrastructures.

ALCEN works in four domains: defence & security, energy, medical and aeronautics.

Its ambition is to establish a constant innovation policy in these domains, primarily applied to its own products and services.

Wherever possible, they offer innovative solutions.

It organizes its teams in structures that are both independent and coordinated, set up around top-level, fully accountable members of staff.