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Created in 2011 following the transfer of the LMJ Program Management from Sagem Défense & Sécurité to the ALCEN Group, ALSYOM has based its growth strategy on the teams and resources involved in the French nuclear simulation program since 1998. Following the supply of the amplification section for the Laser Integration Line (LIL), the design, construction and integration contract for equivalent sections on the Laser MegaJoule (LMJ) required for a new production site to be built in Tarbes, where an air-conditioned machine-shop, a welding hall and ISO 5 to ISO 8 clean rooms were combined together. This industrial unit has been in operation since 2006, the year in which an integration infrastructure with ISO 8 cleanness conditions was opened immediately adjacent to the LMJ site (in Le Barp).

General management, commercial and program management and design offices working in conjunction with the industrial premises are located in Argenteuil.

With a turnover of around EUR 25 million and approximately 90 members of staff, of whom x % are qualified engineers and technicians, ALSYOM has succeeded in seeing real returns from its development strategy very quickly, not only through new successes on the LMJ, but also and above all in the field of major research, defense and industry infrastructures.