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Technologies & Industrial resources

The Tarbes industrial site is comprised of four main workshops:

  • two machine shops of 3,000 m²: milling, turning, grinding and presswork. One of these shops is entirely air-conditioned for making large-sized (10 m x 4 m x 2 m) high-precision parts;
  • a welding shop covering 3,000 m²: TIG, TIG Plasma and MIG welding on elements several tens of millimeters thick;
  • a clean-room workshop covering 1,800 m², with 600 m² to ISO 5 standards and 300 m² to ISO 8: for assembling opto-mechanical sub-assemblies, electric and optic cabling and dimensional, vacuum and optic control.

High quality stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys, copper and copper alloys and invar are the main materials machined by ALSYOM.

Given its in-house skills and experience, ALSYOM can also deploy dedicated teams for working on customer sites, as is the case for the LMJ programs (30 persons on the CEA site for cleaning, fitting and assembling amplification sections) or the XFEL programs (30 persons on the CEA site at Saclay for assembling cryomodules).